Rugby Philharmonic Choir

Committee Members

“We work very well together as a team, each bringing our own skills to the mix, and we have one thing in common – we all love to sing!”

Des Jones

Des became Chair of the Phil in October 2022. He is responsible for calling committee meetings and organising Annual General Meetings.

Other duties include writing programme notes for concerts and RPC literature, and deputising for the RPC Vice President.

Alastair Railton

Alastair took over as Treasurer in October 2022. He is responsible for the Phil’s finances and making sure the accounts are completed and audited each year.

Michelle Johns

Michelle has been a member of the Phil for 7 years, and joined the committee last year. Michelle is responsible for general secretarial duties, communication with the choir members and creating and developing the Phil website.

Julie Harper

Julie joined the Phil in 2009 and became a member of the Committee in 2013. Her role supports the Marketing, Publicity and Events Management activity for the choir, and the administration for the Choir Member databases.

Jessica Nutt

Jess joined the committee in 2022. She is responsible for members registers and subscriptions and welcoming new members.